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Well done Doc! - 2010-05-10

It's great to see some local businesses getting it right and exceeding customers expectations. Kerikeri Medical Centre has done a lot lately to make life easier for their customers:
  • Created a one-stop shop by having a pharmacy on site
  • Text alerts to eligible patients to advise o ...

Hey, what about your own customers guys? - 2009-07-23

Sometimes what seems like a great deal to one customer is a kick in the guts to another.

Recently Air New Zealand offered $50 one-way fares to Jetstar passengers left stranded by the company's check in policy or delayed by more than 2 hours. On the face of it it seems like great marketing ...

Northland retailers turn away business - 2009-07-20

We are supposed to be in a recession. Yet a number of Northland businesses seem determined not to close sales even where customers are keen to buy. My own recent experience, and that of family and friends, shows worrying sales and service complacency in businesses selling large ticket items:

Northland Business Expo Whangarei - 2009-04-17

I am blogging from the Northland Business Expo in Whangarei. April 17-18.

The Business Expo has been ...

Are your customers your new marketing department? - 2009-04-12

Times are hard, all businesses have pressure on resources and there are a lot of competing priorities. Consumers have fewer spare dollars to spend so you also have to work harder to make the sale ahead of the competition.


We transform your customers' experience.

What we do

We apply design thinking and design methods to the services your business delivers. 

We build services that are:
  • Useful and Usable
  • Efficient and Effective 
  • Desirable and Different

We are a nimble, independent, consulting team specialising in the design, development, and implementation of effective customer service. 

We work with large and small businesses, both private and public sector.

We can:
  • Make it easy for your customers to do business with you
  • Help you understand your customers’ needs and preferences
  • Identify service improvements and efficiency increases
  • Build unique customer service strategies and action plans based on your business goals and culture.
  • Help you take a fresh look at your business through your customers' eyes.
  • Show you which transactions best suit which channels and why:
    • Face-to-face, phone, web, text etc.

Why Improve customer service?

The main benefits of improving customer service are the '3Rs':
  • Retention
  • Related sales
  • Referrals
Your best source of referrals should be your customers


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